Meet the Student Opportunity Ambassadors

The current Student Opportunity Ambassadors. Rachel and Fern work closely with staff from the University to inform the development of Leeds for Life and all opportunities provided within the Student Opportunity Directorate.  They are available to demonstrate and promote Leeds for Life and to provide information to fellow students, University staff and employers about the opportunities we provide such as volunteering, careers guidance, work placements, study abroad and applying for Foundation funding.

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Rachel Opadiran

What is the best feature of your programme?

The best feature of studying International Relations is the chance to learn about the rise of global superpowers such as China, Brazil and India and how this affects the international balance of power. For example, does the shift in economic and cultural power create insecurity in the international community and how does this affect the relations between states? Questions like this spark my interest in International Relations.

How have you benefitted from co-curricular opportunities?

I have benefited greatly from co-curricular activities as I have had the chance to volunteer in societies and study abroad in South Korea. The opportunity to study abroad was particularly poignant as I developed my academic and interpersonal skills. This experience opened my eyes to different way of life and encouraged my interest in East Asian politics.

What do you think are the most important messages about co-curricular activities?

Participating in co-curricular activities is very important because university isn’t just about developing your academic skills, in order to be a well-rounded critical thinker and an employable graduate you need broad experience, this can take the form of volunteering with charities and societies. You could further your experience by taking up more responsibility as society organiser (treasurer, secretary, executive etc.). This is very useful as employers are attracted to graduates that can show time management, reliability, and general organisational skills. Hence, Leeds for Life is a fantastic initiative that allows you to document your academic and co-curricular activities, this way you can track your personal development and transfer your experience on the timeline onto your CV. Leeds for Life is a medium that allows you to make the most of your time at university.

Fern Davidson-Averill

What is the best feature of your programme?

I study Economics and Politics and I enjoy how varied all of the modules are and also that you get to pick which subject you study more of.

The two subjects are great to study together and I have found that the modules complement each other a lot as economic and political matters tend to cross over a lot in all of my modules.

Additionally, I have been able to study Spanish as my discovery module - allowing me to broaden my academic horizons, alongside my degree. 


How have you benefitted from co-curricular opportunities?

Co-curricular opportunities have given me the chance to develop my skills that I would not usually develop solely through studying. 

I am President of the Leeds RAG society which has helped me to develop my leadership and people management skills through leading a committee of 15 people. 

Additionally, I have had the opportunity to do short study abroad placements in both China and Spain. These have helped me develop a more intercultural outlook and developed my language skills.


What do you think are the most important messages about co-curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities are very important! Having a degree is not enough for your CV; it is necessary to show extra skills that you have gained which are transferable into the workplace. 

Work experience, study abroad, internships, volunteering, joining a society - they are all great things to get involved in at university and help you to develop your skills. Recording all of these opportunities on the Leeds for Life timeline will also ensure that you don’t forget about all of the amazing opportunities you have done and you can use them as examples for interviews etc.