What is the Foundation?

If you have an idea for a project which will develop your skills and benefit others, the Leeds for Life Foundation could help with a cash grant to make it happen. With joint funding from the Alumni Footsteps Fund and the Santander Group, the Foundation has been set up to help fund projects that reflect the enthusiasm, creativity and initiative of our students. You might want to seek out new challenges, to experience new environments and cultures, and make a positive difference to the lives of other people. The Foundation would especially welcome applications from students initiating new projects.

Available funding

Leeds for Life Foundation Grant (Deadline midday Friday 30th October 2015)

  • Design your own Leeds for Life project for you or your group to develop your skills whilst also benefitting others.
  • There are two calls for projects each year, at the beginning of term 1 and term 2.
  • The deadline for the next round of applications is Midday Friday 30th October 2015.
  • For further information about the Leeds for Life Foundation, please email the Leeds for Life team
  • leedsforlifefoundation@leeds.ac.uk

Travel Writing (Deadline midday 29th January 2016)

The Ede & Ravenscroft Prize, of £1,000, was instituted in 1990 by Ede & Ravenscroft Ltd, Robe Makers, in order to mark the occasion of their tercentenary. The prize is awarded for a report of student travel during the long vacation.

There are no application forms. Entries should be emailed to the Leeds for Life Foundation leedsforlifefoundation@leeds.ac.uk in the Learning Enhancement office no later than 29th January 2016.

All registered students at the end of the first or second year of a first degree programme (at the time of travel) are eligible to compete for the prize by submitting a report, not exceeding 5,000 words, on a project or journey undertaken during their summer vacation. Please note that intercalating students from the School of Medicine do not meet the eligibility criteria for this prize.

Each entry must include:

  • The travel report, not exceeding 5,000 words
  • A covering letter clearly stating that it is an original composition intended as an entry for the Ede & Ravenscroft Prize.
  • Your name, student ID number, programme and year of study
  • Your current address, together with an email address for correspondence.

The reports will be judged on their readability (that ability to engage the reader) and, if appropriate, on the use made of such visual materials as photographs, maps and graphs. Incorrect spelling and grammar will be viewed unfavourably.

In the event of there being two or more entries of equal merit, the prize will be divided. In years when no report of a sufficiently high standard is received, no award will be made. Prize-winning reports will be published on the Leeds for Life web site.

Footsteps Award for Work Placements 2015/16 (Deadline midday on Friday 24th April 2015)

Are you planning on completing an unpaid or low-paid placement year with a non-profit organisation in the next academic year 2015/16, but are worried about how you are going to manage financially? 

If so, there are awards available from the University of Leeds to support your work placement.

The Footsteps Award is supported by donations from the Leeds Alumni Footsteps Fund.

The eligibility criteria are listed below:  

  • students should be in receipt of Leeds Financial Support to qualify
  • students must be working for non-profit organisations
  • the work placement should be either unpaid or low paid
  • the work placement activity must be for the duration of an academic year
  • students in receipt of an Erasmus grant are NOT eligible for the Footsteps Award
  • previous applicants will not be considered.


Before applying students must ensure they meet all of the criteria listed above.

Please download the Application Form and Guidance to find out more and for details of how to apply: http://careerweb.leeds.ac.uk/footstepsaward