EAST3804 Governance and Development in South East Asia

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  • Credits: 20
  • Module Manager: Dr Vannarith Chheang
  • Email: V.Chheang@leeds.ac.uk
  • This Module is approved as a Discovery Module
  • This module replaces EAST3704 Development and Environment in South East Asia

Discovery module overview

Module Summary

Module Summary

The module begins with an introduction to the key concepts of governance and development; it then analyses the roles of the state, market, and civil society organizations and examines a variety of case studies concerning development issues in South East Asia. Particularly, it will discuss case studies relating to development such as corruption, environmental degradation, water resources management, migration, urbanization, energy, and agriculture. The eleven lectures will provide relevant conceptual frameworks and facilitate an understanding of development issues in general, while the seminars will encourage students to think critically about ways in which South East Asian development issues might be resolved.


The module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the dynamic and evolving nature of governance and development, and the conceptual issues and policy analysis relating to the linkages between governance and development in South East Asia.


Lectures and Seminars
Lecture 1: Introduction to Development
Lecture 2: Introduction to Governance and Development
Lecture 3: Public Administration and Development
Seminar 1: Can South East Asia address corruption?
Lecture 4: Corporate Governance and Development
Seminar 2: Public-private partnership: How does it contribute to governance-development nexus?
Lecture 5: Civil Society Organizations and Development
Seminar 3: The role of civil society and development in Cambodia
Lecture 6: Environmental Governance and Development
Seminar 4: ASEAN and regional environmental governance
Lecture 7: Water Resources Management
Seminar 5: Mekong River management: Issues and solutions
Lecture 8: Migration and Development
Seminar 6: Migration in Thailand: Issues and solutions
Lecture 9: Urbanization and Development
Seminar 7: Urban planning in Indonesia: Issues and solutions
Lecture 10: Energy and Development
Seminar 8: Energy development policy in Lao PDR
Lecture 11: Agriculture and Development
Seminar 9: Food-Water-Energy development connectivity

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • - understand basic concepts of governance and development;
  • - be aware of the current development issues in South East Asia
  • - analyze the connections between institutional reforms and development;
  • - analyse relevant actors in governance and development;
  • - determine certain approaches to tackle development issues and challenges;
  • - gain confidence in debating and proposing alternative solutions to sustainable development;
  • - build communication skills and team work spirit to address interconnected development issues.

Assessment and teaching

Assessment and teaching


Assesment type Notes % of formal assesment
Essay or Dissertation 3000 words 50
Total percentages (Assessment Coursework) 50


Exam type Exam duration % of formal assessment
Standard exam (closed essays, MCQs etc) 2 hr 0 mins 50
Total Percentage (Assesment Exams) 50

Private Study

60 hours reading for lectures
30 hours preparation for lectures
30 hours preparation for seminars
30 hours coursework essay
30 hours preparation for exam

Progress Monitoring

Seminar participation

Teaching methods

Delivery type Number Length hours Student hours
Lecture 11 1 11
Seminar 9 1 9
Private Study Hours 180
Total Contact Hours 20
Total hours (100hr per 10 credits) 200

Reading List

Reading List
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