Enterprise and Innovation

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But where do ideas for new products and services come from, and how are they translated into solutions and delivered to users?

Why choose discovery modules from Enterprise and Innovation?

Would you like to get better at problem-solving? Got a flair for design or an eye for an opportunity? If so, this Theme is for you.

This Theme brings together knowledge and understanding from business, arts & humanities, engineering, design, environment and social sciences, including the University’s Enterprise Centre, to help you develop the knowledge, problem-solving skills and experience needed to take an idea all the way from concept to reality. Modules from this Theme could help you approach your own subject from a completely different perspective and help you to see new ways to make an impact from what you learn.

Enterprise-related modules allow you to build entrepreneurial (creating new enterprises) and intrapreneurial (changing existing organisations from within) knowledge and skills.

Innovation-related modules explore the full cycle from initial societal need - through to creation, design, prototyping and evaluation of potential solutions to that need – and then ultimately to the processes whereby the product or service is put onto the market.

These are modules about people and society as well as systems and processes.

Watch the video, produced by LSTV - a student-run society, to find out more about Enterprise and Innovation.

If you have any questions about this Discovery Theme, you can contact the Theme Leader: Richard Tunstall R.Tunstall@leeds.ac.uk

Make the most of your discovery modules

Depending on how your interests develop, you can opt to take further discovery modules within this Theme, or explore new topics in other Discovery Themes.

A coherent selection of modules from Enterprise and Innovation will develop your skills, competence and understanding. You could start by exploring the discovery modules available across the four different sub-themes (Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Society; Enterprise and Management; Support Systems; Innovation) and see which topics interest you. You may also want to consider what you hope to get out of your discovery module(s) as this could affect your choice. Click here to see how you can develop a pathway of discovery modules.

If you want to branch out into other Themes, ‘Personal and Professional Development’ offers modules which can help you develop career ideas and enhance employability. Alternatively, learn about the relationship between sustainability and business by taking modules from the ‘Creating Sustainable Futures’ Theme.

The Sub-themes

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Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Society

“The essence of the entrepreneur is enterprise but enterprise is not restricted to entrepreneurs” (Johnson, 1988). Modules is this sub-theme relate to the creation of value through new enterprises, including small businesses and social enterprises.

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Support Systems

"I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create." (William Blake). Modules in this sub-theme relate to the systems (eg financial, human resources and information technology) that support the operation of enterprises.

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Enterprise and Management

Have you got what it takes to make your mark in the business world by running a successful organisation? Modules in this sub-theme relate to the application of entrepreneurial thinking and skills in large, often international, organisations where graduates are likely to be employees.

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Are you a fan of Dragon’s Den? Think you can do better? Or just want to understand the whole innovation game? Modules in this sub-theme relate to creativity, problem-solving, prototyping, and innovation management systems and processes.

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