Enterprise and Innovation

Learn how new opportunities are acted upon and how solutions to problems are generated and implemented, while developing your own ideas, knowledge and skills to create an impact.

This Theme forms part of the University of Leeds' multi-award winning Student Enterprise opportunities.

Why choose discovery modules from Enterprise and Innovation?

Modules from this Theme could help you approach questions from a completely different perspective and help you to see new ways to make an impact from what you learn. Enterprise and Innovation are multidisciplinary issues and this Theme brings together knowledge and understanding from business, arts, humanities, engineering and social sciences, including the University’s Centre for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies. Together, these modules aim to give you the transferrable skills such as commercial awareness, creative problem solving and team working, which will make you stand out to potential employers, develop your own new projects and provide a discovery pathway for your enterprise and innovation journey.

These modules will allow you to discover where ideas for new products and services come from, how are they translated into solutions and delivered to users. You can also explore how entrepreneurs and innovators create new products, solutions and technologies which shape our world. By working on these issues you will develop the knowledge, problem-solving skills and experience needed to take an idea all the way from concept to reality. You will also have the opportunity to understand the impact this has on the economy and society.

If you have any questions about this Discovery Theme, you can contact the Theme Leader: Richard Tunstall R.Tunstall@leeds.ac.uk

Make the most of your discovery modules

Depending on how your interests develop, you can opt to take further discovery modules within this Theme, or explore new topics in other Discovery Themes.

If you want to branch out into other Themes, Personal and Professional Development’ offers modules which can help you develop career ideas and enhance employability.

The Sub-themes

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Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Society

Modules in this sub-theme relate to the creation of value through new ventures that seek to make a difference through entrepreneurship, creating startups and social enterprise.

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Support Systems

Modules in this sub-theme explore the systems, tools and techniques that complement and support enterprises and innovations.

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Enterprise and Management

Modules in this sub-theme relate to the application of entrepreneurial thinking and skills by managers in existing businesses and organisations in instigating new projects and implementing change.

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Modules in this sub-theme relate to creativity, problem-solving, prototyping, and innovation management systems, processes and impacts.

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