Natalie Eastment

BA Cinema & Photography

Natalie had always wanted to work in film or TV and she chose her course and co-curricular activites to develop the necessary knowledge and skills she needed to get her start in the TV industry, working for Motus TV as a Studio Assistant.

What is your current profession?

I have been working as a Studio Assistant with Motus TV since March 2016, a TV Production company.

Describe your role.

I have a highly varied and exciting role. I perform tasks from anything between running teas and coffees in the office to sending off TV commercials to broadcast stations such as ITV or Sky. I regularly attend meetings with clients as well as attend shoots with the crew. I liaise between the directors of Motus and clients to organise the schedule for potential shoot dates, just to name a few of my tasks.

Describe your career progression.

From a very young age I always knew I wanted to go into the world of film and/or TV. Consequently I geared my education choices towards the industry. I began by volunteering to be a runner for Channel 4 in my First Year at University. From there I attended careers fares as well as searched for work experience placements. I worked with Green Screen Studio Production Ltd in Selby for a month as production assistant on a feature film; from there I did a few more placements before graduating and then securing a job with Motus.  

What did you do immediately after leaving University?

Immediately after graduating I returned to working at a bar in a local restaurant. However I was applying for jobs with TV and film at any chance I could.

What did you do whilst studying that helped pave the way into your chosen career?

During my time at Leeds I attended careers fares; professional talks as well as sent my CV out to any company I could think of that were offering placements. I spoke with my lecturers and tutors on a regular basis to see if there was anything else I could be doing. I would even watch as many documentaries and films as I could in the hope that they could become a talking point in an interview.

What skills and attributes did you develop as part of your course?

I learnt to be self-confident, an important attribute for anyone. I arrived onto the course with little experience and a lack of understanding for the industry I wanted to go into. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, I saw great results and became really confident within myself. Having done a motion graphics dissertation I had to learn how to trust my decisions and creativity.

What skills and attributes did you develop as part of your co-curricular activities?

I auditioned for Dance Expose. It was a really demanding and physical society and yet a highly rewarding one too. From this society and the people I was surrounded by, I learnt how to just have a great time and really enjoy working towards a big show. I had to always attend rehearsal and have dances choreographed by a certain date, which taught me even more about sticking to deadlines, something I continued to apply to my studies.   

What advice would you have for students studying today?

All I would say is make the most of your time at Leeds, you don’t realise what an amazing University it is until you come away from it. Sign up to all the societies that interest you and just go and meet people; you never know who you’ll come across and how they can help you. Finally, make the most of your tutors. I learnt so much from mine and they inspired me to continue working hard and remain excited about my chosen career path.